Autumns Emissary

Another texture i did.

Again, based on an existing model from "warcraft III: the frozen throne". I did not alter the model in any way, all i did was peel off its "skin" and replace it with another.

This was made for "tides of blood", but was based on older textures i did for "Blades & Billets". In its totality, this is the third time i have completely remade the texture for this particular character.
The basic idea behind the character:
Arasto Leaffall, Autumns Emissary.
Called into existance when the world begon, where the four seasons. Each season had a shephert.
Arasto is the shephert of Autumn.
In the game Blades & Billets, Arasto gets tired of having to come in after the beuitifull summer, year in year out, and destroy. Eventually, this repeated process drove him quite mad, wanting to bring the decay of autumn to all seasons.


Lack of Updates

I'm sorry.

I have not been updating through the weekend, but my reasons are good, and they are threefold.

1: Dubstep.
VooDoo People was this last Friday. I had been a while since dubstep.nl organized an event, and Friday we finally came through.
I say "we" now because besides playing a role in shaping the website and having designed the flyer for the event,(together with my colleague "Blauwe Fedde") i will from now on also take part in the organisational process.
If VooDoo People was a success, we would be invited to organise a similar evening more often, and a success it was. A staggering success. So much even, that we got "the big hall" for the next one, instead of the small one. We plan to do some exciting visuals next time, and that is where i would come in.

Anyway, it was a big big big night, and i would like to thank everyone for coming. A great day for dubstep in the Netherlands, and an even greater day for dubstep.nl.

2: Art Prizes.
There was a small local "art-awards" event in my hometown this Saturday, and an old high school friend named Casper was nominated for the "young talent" award, and one of my mentors in life, Pieter, got nominated for the main prize. Casper didn't, but Pieter did!


3: Blades & Billets.
This is a little game me, my brother and some others have been working on for a long, long time. This weekend, finally, our "code guy" managed to fix some fatal crashes that would sometimes occur during on-line matches, and we finally got to release our first public version in months. Well, i think it has actually been more then a year since we "published" any new version.

We also have a brand new forum setup over at www.wc3campaigns.net (thanks for having us!) where you can download and discuss the game.

In order to play the game online, which is prefered, you have to be in the possession of registered versions of both the game "Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos" and the expansion "Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne".

Visit the forum here: http://www.wc3campaigns.net/forumdisplay.php?f=711