Autumns Emissary

Another texture i did.

Again, based on an existing model from "warcraft III: the frozen throne". I did not alter the model in any way, all i did was peel off its "skin" and replace it with another.

This was made for "tides of blood", but was based on older textures i did for "Blades & Billets". In its totality, this is the third time i have completely remade the texture for this particular character.
The basic idea behind the character:
Arasto Leaffall, Autumns Emissary.
Called into existance when the world begon, where the four seasons. Each season had a shephert.
Arasto is the shephert of Autumn.
In the game Blades & Billets, Arasto gets tired of having to come in after the beuitifull summer, year in year out, and destroy. Eventually, this repeated process drove him quite mad, wanting to bring the decay of autumn to all seasons.

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Naakaloh said...

Totalitarian Regime, Erwt?

Anyway, it might just be me, but the lower portion of his staff seems to have a bit too much green compared to the head of the staff. It kinda reminds me of overcooked string beans.