A possible dubstep-related T-Shirt design. Sloppily done in photoshop, should still be smoothed out with vector graphics.

Dubstep is a musical genre that heavily relies on heavy bass lines, and thus needs a lot of sub woofers, and the people who love the music tend to have an affinity for sub woofers. Sub could be short for sub woofer, but could also be used as a short for submarine.

Hence this design, a submarine with huge sub woofers build in.


Naga Warden Concept

A quick little colored concept drawing, a speed exercise. I made this in under 30 minutes.

It's supposed to be a naga from the warcraft game universe. A warden in that universe is someone who does indeed guard prisons or prisoners, but does so with an arsenal of dark magic and sneaky fighting techniques.


Voodoo People Flyer

A e-flyer made for dubstep.nl to promote a rave.

Pay close attention and you'll find a boomsnail in there.

Credits to Blauwe Fedde, T-Mus, Osiris and Thomas Edison (here addressed by they're dubstep.nl forum names) for helping me with the composition, big up!


The Twig of Boom

A twig full of... Boomsnails.
The boomsnail is a design i did some time ago for dubstep.nl, and it has yet to loose its appeal. I worked on this over a stretched period of time, picking it up on bored moments.

Entirely done with ballpoint pen, meaning that this is the first picture i upload here that is not made on the computer, or greatly enhanced by computer. Enjoy :)



A possible illustration for a dubstep.nl party flyer.


BDF - Page 1!

Page one of the comic is done!

to vieuw the page, go to: http://boatsdontfly.blogspot.com



Winged Skull

A reather random digital painting.