A portrait.

Created entirely in photoshop, using a photo reference.



A quick little experiment in photoshop, using a couple of techniques that are new to me such as textured brushes with opacity pressure sensitivity.


Gear Shop

It is finally here!

I've openened an online shop at shirtcity.com where you can perchase all kinds of products by my design. T-Shirts, Sweaters, Caps... Even bags are amongst the diffrent products.

The first round of designs are all centered around electronic music, with an emphasis on the subbass aspect.

"SUB" and "SUB Blue".



"This is dubstep!"


Winner "Zilveren Kei" 2007

I won an award!

I entered a local but pretty important competition. Along with 5 other young talented artists I was selected for the finales. This was already a pretty big deal for me because it meant my work would be displayed at an art gallery for one and a half week, and i would even get the chance to sell something there if there where people interested.

To my surprise, i actually won the thing! Judges said my work was fresh, actual, and had a deep connection with the youth and subculture. There was quite some press coverage, i was even invited to a local television studio for an interview!

Now that the first rush of victory has passed its time to update this wonderful news here on my blog. I'm not sure what I'm going to do next, but I do know that i'm going to do something.

First, here are a couple links to newspaper clippings from the Dutch newspaper "De Gooi en Eemlander":
"erwtenpeller wint Zilveren Kei!"
"'erwt' slaat aan bij publiek"
Amongst the artworks I submitted where a couple of images that have been sitting right here on my blog for quite some time.
There is this piece, entitled "Dubnoise":
There is this piece, entitled "Shoe":
And there is this piece, entitled "Dubtopus":
All are images that where spawned by my love for dubstep music and the underground culture that comes with it.
I hope to have some more information for you soon, with additional images from paintings that are featured at the exhibition.
You can visit the exhibition at the GSA Hilversum, Langestraat 55.
The exhibition runs until the 7th of oktober.


Silly Faces

I was going through some old images of mine and i found this forgotten jewel. Its only a quick scetch, a style tryout, but i found it charismatic enough to post.


A New Banner!

I updated the blog with a fresh new banner.


Dour 2007

The accounts of Dour Festival 2007. Unfortunately i got sick on the third day, so the drawings kind of stop there. Nevertheless an interesting vieuw.
Sadly, i do not have it in english, so dutch will have to do.



A 3d model created for Tides of Blood.

This model was based on the Mountain King model from the game warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos.
The texture was made by me.

The Battlerager is a highly defencive fighter, that uses its spiked armor and shields to deal some serious damage on the battlefield.


Hung Orc

An orc named Hung.

Its a golden oldie i made a long time ago, exploring the possubilities of digital painting.


Dutchstep Allstars

A flyer design i did for a dubstep party.

This is not the final result, this is one of the best test versions that i did. The eventual design is going to be a lot simpler, and will be posted here once it is officially released.

For all you dutch bass lovers out there, the information on the flyer is slightly outdated. The entrance fee is now 6 euros rather then 5.

Many thanks to Blauwe Fedde from dubstep.nl crew. Not only did he provide useful criticism, but the allstars logo in the background and the dubstep.nl skull are of his making.
Check out his stuff at:

Also thanks to T-Mus for intensive critics, and of course to Osiris for making it all possible.

Additional Thanks to google for prividing image search.


Autumns Emissary

Another texture i did.

Again, based on an existing model from "warcraft III: the frozen throne". I did not alter the model in any way, all i did was peel off its "skin" and replace it with another.

This was made for "tides of blood", but was based on older textures i did for "Blades & Billets". In its totality, this is the third time i have completely remade the texture for this particular character.
The basic idea behind the character:
Arasto Leaffall, Autumns Emissary.
Called into existance when the world begon, where the four seasons. Each season had a shephert.
Arasto is the shephert of Autumn.
In the game Blades & Billets, Arasto gets tired of having to come in after the beuitifull summer, year in year out, and destroy. Eventually, this repeated process drove him quite mad, wanting to bring the decay of autumn to all seasons.


Lack of Updates

I'm sorry.

I have not been updating through the weekend, but my reasons are good, and they are threefold.

1: Dubstep.
VooDoo People was this last Friday. I had been a while since dubstep.nl organized an event, and Friday we finally came through.
I say "we" now because besides playing a role in shaping the website and having designed the flyer for the event,(together with my colleague "Blauwe Fedde") i will from now on also take part in the organisational process.
If VooDoo People was a success, we would be invited to organise a similar evening more often, and a success it was. A staggering success. So much even, that we got "the big hall" for the next one, instead of the small one. We plan to do some exciting visuals next time, and that is where i would come in.

Anyway, it was a big big big night, and i would like to thank everyone for coming. A great day for dubstep in the Netherlands, and an even greater day for dubstep.nl.

2: Art Prizes.
There was a small local "art-awards" event in my hometown this Saturday, and an old high school friend named Casper was nominated for the "young talent" award, and one of my mentors in life, Pieter, got nominated for the main prize. Casper didn't, but Pieter did!


3: Blades & Billets.
This is a little game me, my brother and some others have been working on for a long, long time. This weekend, finally, our "code guy" managed to fix some fatal crashes that would sometimes occur during on-line matches, and we finally got to release our first public version in months. Well, i think it has actually been more then a year since we "published" any new version.

We also have a brand new forum setup over at www.wc3campaigns.net (thanks for having us!) where you can download and discuss the game.

In order to play the game online, which is prefered, you have to be in the possession of registered versions of both the game "Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos" and the expansion "Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne".

Visit the forum here: http://www.wc3campaigns.net/forumdisplay.php?f=711



War Maven

A texture, or "skin", made for the warcraft III map tides of blood.

The model is the warden model by blizzard entertainment for the game warcraft III. All i did was add a new texture, i did not change the original model.



BDF - Page 2

Page 2 of boats don't fly is completed!

You can view it right here:


Here's a little preview of the page:

Dub Sloth

First I'd like to apologise for the lack of update yesterday, i was really busy with page two of the comic because i got the text in late.
So, to make it up to you, today there will be a double entry.

This image is another classic, from when i just started photo manipulation. First item i ever did "for" dubstep.nl.


Durothar Sunset

An old favorite of mine.

It depicts a troll hunter in world of warcraft, resting in durotar (look at the bridge in the background, horde players should know this place) under surreal purple skies.

Back then i used to sign my work with "erth", wich when pronounced, is just about the closest thing you can get to "erwt" in english.



A possible dubstep-related T-Shirt design. Sloppily done in photoshop, should still be smoothed out with vector graphics.

Dubstep is a musical genre that heavily relies on heavy bass lines, and thus needs a lot of sub woofers, and the people who love the music tend to have an affinity for sub woofers. Sub could be short for sub woofer, but could also be used as a short for submarine.

Hence this design, a submarine with huge sub woofers build in.


Naga Warden Concept

A quick little colored concept drawing, a speed exercise. I made this in under 30 minutes.

It's supposed to be a naga from the warcraft game universe. A warden in that universe is someone who does indeed guard prisons or prisoners, but does so with an arsenal of dark magic and sneaky fighting techniques.


Voodoo People Flyer

A e-flyer made for dubstep.nl to promote a rave.

Pay close attention and you'll find a boomsnail in there.

Credits to Blauwe Fedde, T-Mus, Osiris and Thomas Edison (here addressed by they're dubstep.nl forum names) for helping me with the composition, big up!


The Twig of Boom

A twig full of... Boomsnails.
The boomsnail is a design i did some time ago for dubstep.nl, and it has yet to loose its appeal. I worked on this over a stretched period of time, picking it up on bored moments.

Entirely done with ballpoint pen, meaning that this is the first picture i upload here that is not made on the computer, or greatly enhanced by computer. Enjoy :)



A possible illustration for a dubstep.nl party flyer.


BDF - Page 1!

Page one of the comic is done!

to vieuw the page, go to: http://boatsdontfly.blogspot.com



Winged Skull

A reather random digital painting.


BDF - Page 01 Teaser

Just a little teaser for the upcoming first page of the comic :)



A digital painting i based around a picture of a shoe. The colors of the shoe are completely original as they where, i sampled them to create the painting.


Boats Don't Fly - Pelican

ye olde grumpy Pelican joins the party.



There is a bit of a story behind this one.

I had to wait for the bus for about an hour, it was late, i was tired, and all i had to draw was a magazine cover and a big black marker. The inside of the magazine cover i had already filled up with ballpoint drawings on some other occasion. So i just started drawing on it, and after a little bit of post-production, this is the result.

The title of this one is in dutch, and refers to the speech balloon in the piece. It means "Tittle Talented Guy", freely interpreted.


Boats Don't Fly - Cabin Scene.

A nice little scene of BDF's main characters in the "cockpit", if you will. I tried to show a little character interaction in there.
Made primarily as a training tool to search for the ideal way to do the actual comic, especially how to color and compose it. It might also make a nice wallpaper one day.

Character Sketches

A number of characters roughly sketched for a text-based role play based on the warcraft universe, played at http://www.wc3campaigns.net/.

From left to right, top to bottom:
Lorenzo, the Blood Elf priest. Very shy, keeps to himself a lot.
Nobwocket, the Gnomish warrior. Hyperactive alcoholic.
Alyssa, the Blood Elf paladin. Cocky, easily angered, overprotective.
Jareck, the Broken rogue. Not of this world...
Fabio, the Blood Elf ranger. Happy go-lucky. Makes friends with everything.
Richard, the Human warrior. Alcoholic, fights a lot, does his job.


Boats Don't Fly - The Bottled Otter

I redesigned the "boat", and it has a name now too!

The "Bottled Otter". Inspired by both tug boats and Mississippi steamers, i wanted it to be sort of a mix between the two. The vibe of the classic river steamers, but more of the shape of a tugboat. It has a lot more detail now, and the scaling makes more sense. It gained a crane and a canon. The machine parts, or exhausts, or basically "tubing" probably don't make any mechanical sense, they are more there for aesthetic reasons.

And as a little bonus, here are some sketches i did with a ballpoint pen. Really quickly during commercial breaks. The side view of Betty is not the best, but hey, no erasing pen is there?

Odd Walkers

a couple of very odd "creatures", if you would want to call them that. Done in a bit of a street-arty graffiti-like style. Initially a ballpoint drawing on a bit of paper, i scanned it in and added some color and minor texture.


Boats Don't Fly - Edward McAcorn

Character concept for Edward McAcorn.

Does all the hard word that needs to be done around the world. Makes sure the engine is fueled, and... cooks.

Ice Cruncher

An image created for a British friend, that names himself "Challis".
Every year he writes a little story for Christmas to send to his relatives and friends as a Christmas card. This year, the story was about little Arctic critters that eat ice, called "Ice Crunchers". Challis asked me to draw this creature for him, to make a good front for his postcard. After reading the story and having discussed the looks and style he wanted, i came up with this...


Boats Don't Fly - Betty Swan

Introducing another character.

Betty Swan, the cheerful mechanic of the ship. Very adapt at anything mechanical, not so much at life in general.


A digital painting i made, just a little practice at color blending in photoshop.


Boats Don't Fly - Sunny Daycare

A couple of concepts for "Boats Don't Fly", a potentional comic about... Airships.

Allow me to introduce you to Sunny, the pilot of the airship.

And, a little concept for the ship. Just to give a little idea about the look i'm going for, the final design will have a lot more detail and trinkets.


A little piece of photo manipulation, created with dubstep.nl in mind and dubstep blasting out the woofers.

Created from bits found with google, chopped up and filtered in the most bizarre of ways.

Some home-made T-Shirts where made of this print to wear at dubstep raves to promote the website.


High Wizard Olof Steelmouth

Concept Art for a character in a warcraft III mod called "The War of the Three Hammers" which is about a war between three different races of dwarf.

This concept art was made for the character Olof Steelmouth of the Dark Iron dwarves.

click here to go to the original thread at wc3campaigns.net.