Winner "Zilveren Kei" 2007

I won an award!

I entered a local but pretty important competition. Along with 5 other young talented artists I was selected for the finales. This was already a pretty big deal for me because it meant my work would be displayed at an art gallery for one and a half week, and i would even get the chance to sell something there if there where people interested.

To my surprise, i actually won the thing! Judges said my work was fresh, actual, and had a deep connection with the youth and subculture. There was quite some press coverage, i was even invited to a local television studio for an interview!

Now that the first rush of victory has passed its time to update this wonderful news here on my blog. I'm not sure what I'm going to do next, but I do know that i'm going to do something.

First, here are a couple links to newspaper clippings from the Dutch newspaper "De Gooi en Eemlander":
"erwtenpeller wint Zilveren Kei!"
"'erwt' slaat aan bij publiek"
Amongst the artworks I submitted where a couple of images that have been sitting right here on my blog for quite some time.
There is this piece, entitled "Dubnoise":
There is this piece, entitled "Shoe":
And there is this piece, entitled "Dubtopus":
All are images that where spawned by my love for dubstep music and the underground culture that comes with it.
I hope to have some more information for you soon, with additional images from paintings that are featured at the exhibition.
You can visit the exhibition at the GSA Hilversum, Langestraat 55.
The exhibition runs until the 7th of oktober.