Boats Don't Fly - Betty Swan

Introducing another character.

Betty Swan, the cheerful mechanic of the ship. Very adapt at anything mechanical, not so much at life in general.


A digital painting i made, just a little practice at color blending in photoshop.


Boats Don't Fly - Sunny Daycare

A couple of concepts for "Boats Don't Fly", a potentional comic about... Airships.

Allow me to introduce you to Sunny, the pilot of the airship.

And, a little concept for the ship. Just to give a little idea about the look i'm going for, the final design will have a lot more detail and trinkets.


A little piece of photo manipulation, created with dubstep.nl in mind and dubstep blasting out the woofers.

Created from bits found with google, chopped up and filtered in the most bizarre of ways.

Some home-made T-Shirts where made of this print to wear at dubstep raves to promote the website.


High Wizard Olof Steelmouth

Concept Art for a character in a warcraft III mod called "The War of the Three Hammers" which is about a war between three different races of dwarf.

This concept art was made for the character Olof Steelmouth of the Dark Iron dwarves.

click here to go to the original thread at wc3campaigns.net.