BDF - Page 01 Teaser

Just a little teaser for the upcoming first page of the comic :)



A digital painting i based around a picture of a shoe. The colors of the shoe are completely original as they where, i sampled them to create the painting.


Boats Don't Fly - Pelican

ye olde grumpy Pelican joins the party.



There is a bit of a story behind this one.

I had to wait for the bus for about an hour, it was late, i was tired, and all i had to draw was a magazine cover and a big black marker. The inside of the magazine cover i had already filled up with ballpoint drawings on some other occasion. So i just started drawing on it, and after a little bit of post-production, this is the result.

The title of this one is in dutch, and refers to the speech balloon in the piece. It means "Tittle Talented Guy", freely interpreted.


Boats Don't Fly - Cabin Scene.

A nice little scene of BDF's main characters in the "cockpit", if you will. I tried to show a little character interaction in there.
Made primarily as a training tool to search for the ideal way to do the actual comic, especially how to color and compose it. It might also make a nice wallpaper one day.

Character Sketches

A number of characters roughly sketched for a text-based role play based on the warcraft universe, played at http://www.wc3campaigns.net/.

From left to right, top to bottom:
Lorenzo, the Blood Elf priest. Very shy, keeps to himself a lot.
Nobwocket, the Gnomish warrior. Hyperactive alcoholic.
Alyssa, the Blood Elf paladin. Cocky, easily angered, overprotective.
Jareck, the Broken rogue. Not of this world...
Fabio, the Blood Elf ranger. Happy go-lucky. Makes friends with everything.
Richard, the Human warrior. Alcoholic, fights a lot, does his job.


Boats Don't Fly - The Bottled Otter

I redesigned the "boat", and it has a name now too!

The "Bottled Otter". Inspired by both tug boats and Mississippi steamers, i wanted it to be sort of a mix between the two. The vibe of the classic river steamers, but more of the shape of a tugboat. It has a lot more detail now, and the scaling makes more sense. It gained a crane and a canon. The machine parts, or exhausts, or basically "tubing" probably don't make any mechanical sense, they are more there for aesthetic reasons.

And as a little bonus, here are some sketches i did with a ballpoint pen. Really quickly during commercial breaks. The side view of Betty is not the best, but hey, no erasing pen is there?

Odd Walkers

a couple of very odd "creatures", if you would want to call them that. Done in a bit of a street-arty graffiti-like style. Initially a ballpoint drawing on a bit of paper, i scanned it in and added some color and minor texture.


Boats Don't Fly - Edward McAcorn

Character concept for Edward McAcorn.

Does all the hard word that needs to be done around the world. Makes sure the engine is fueled, and... cooks.

Ice Cruncher

An image created for a British friend, that names himself "Challis".
Every year he writes a little story for Christmas to send to his relatives and friends as a Christmas card. This year, the story was about little Arctic critters that eat ice, called "Ice Crunchers". Challis asked me to draw this creature for him, to make a good front for his postcard. After reading the story and having discussed the looks and style he wanted, i came up with this...